Lake Huron, Michigan and Canada

  • $225.00

Lake Huron, Michigan and Canada

3,830 Miles of Shoreline • Lake Area: 14,726,400 Acres
Normal Elevation: 577 ft. • Deepest Point: 750 ft.

Silhouette Information:

Framed Dimensions 19" x 23" or 29" x 35"

Our custom lake silhouettes are precision laser engraved and cut from the finest birch making each one unique due to the natural grain of the wood. The silhouettes are embellished with hand painted details and framed in a custom wood frame under glass to ensure that your investment is protected and becomes a conversation piece for any home or office. Every framed silhouette comes with a self-adhesive crystal you can place on the glass to mark your home, office, or favorite fishing spot. Once ordered, your silhouette arrives ready to hang typically in one to two weeks.

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